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Bio-feedback and Tapping
Master Class

Are we preaching to the choir?

Already practicing muscle testing, but want to enhance your knowledge? 

This course is designed for practitioners who are schooled in manual bio-feedback and bio-energetics.

They have used similar devices and require a deeper level of knowledge.

They wish to hone their muscle testing skills and focus on the mind – body connection.

BER Method


  • General

  • Client intake

  • Testing materials

  • Muscle testing to determine stressors/dissonance

  • Using a surrogate

  • Addressing meridian points                   

    • HBISA                                                                       

    • BER320 & light pen / probe

    • Tapping

  • Quick ‘tear-out’ points sheet                               

  • Quick ‘how-to’ BER chart                

  • BER technology images

  • Trouble-shooting                       

  • Practitioner Protections

  • Client outcomes, takeaways, next BER session

Bio-Terrain Tuner

(feature of the BER420 )


MAKING SPECIALTY VIALS                             

  • Materials

  • Straight copy

  • Remedies for broadcast only, inverting, poetizing

Introduction, basic concepts

  • Technique

  • Using the technique, exercises


  • Client in a remote clearing session

  • Using surrogates: self or other

  • Broadcasting



BER Professional Master Class Training $995.00 (plus hst 13%)

Come on.
What are you waiting for?
Come join a revolution in health!
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