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Is this course for you?

  You want to provide powerful bioenergetic medicine and increase client care. BER is a cost effective, yet powerful tool to take your practice to a new level.

The goal of this 3-day intensive clinical training is to provide a cost effective, yet powerful program which ensures the practitioner understands all technical aspects of bioenergetic resonance, for the testing of resonance and dissonance of stressors, using manual biofeedback, BER device and Ergopathics electromagnetic frequencies.

The BER is a Canadian bio-resonance device that is excellent value to allow the practitioner to enter into the world of Bio-resonance with minimal cost and maximum knowledge.

Before attending the BER Training, it is a prerequisite to complete the BER Registration Form.

By completing this course you will...


  • Gain an overview of how energies can be optimized to increase health and well being for you and within your health practice.

  • Gain a deeper understanding for the biological bases of muscle testing.

  • Learn the valuable tool of energy testing: test yourself and clients.

  • Learn how to surrogate test: physically impaired, infants, animals.

  • Learn to identify stressors, using Ergopathics frequencies.

  • Learn to test various substances.

  • Lay out the ground work for consciously working with your own energies in order to achieve a healthier body, sharper mind, and more joyful spirit.

  • Be specifically trained to use the bio-resonance device.

  • Learn the specific meridian points used to create resonance.

  • Learn the thyroid meridian points.

  • Learn secondary balancing points.

  • Learn additional acupressure end points.

  • Learn Bio-feedback analysis.

  • Learn muscle response testing.

  • Learn Acupressure Tap Method (ATM).

  • Learn Trouble shooting testing stressors.

  • Learn Procedures and protocols.

  • Learn BER practical applications (theory/practical).

  • Learn Practical applications. Charts/Sources.

Come on.
What are you waiting for?
Join a revolution in health!
All program attendee's
will receive the following:
  • Full consecutive 3-day training in BER

  • BER device (optional)

  • Fully comprehensive course reference manual

  • Free access to full colour artwork templates for brochures

  • Free access to copy for use on brochures, website, and other marketing materials

  • Free web page listing

  • Ongoing remote clinical assistance for 6 months

  • Receive 20 % off Ergopathics test kits on first order and 10% off for the first 6 months.


565 Wilson Ave

North York, ON

April 23 - 25 2021

COURSE COST excluding your device:  $1,500 (plus hst 13%)


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