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Provide powerful bioenergetic medicine and increase client care. BER is a cost effective, yet powerful tool to take your practice to a new level.

  The goal of this 3-day intensive clinical training is to provide a cost-effective, yet powerful program which ensures the practitioner understands all technical aspects of bioenergetic resonance, for the testing of resonance and dissonance of stressors, using manual biofeedback, tapping, use of a vibrational device and electromagnetic frequencies.

Complete a registration form and a representative will be in touch with you within 48 hours (Monday - Friday).

You’ll learn:


  • How energies can be optimized to increase health and well-being for you and within your health practice.

  • Gain a deeper understanding for the biological bases of muscle testing.

  • Study and practice energy testing: test yourself and clients.

  • Use surrogate testing and treatment: physically impaired, infants, and animals.

  • Identify stressors using frequencies and test various substances.

  • Use of a vibrational device: GSR or acupressure instrument.

  • Acupressure Tap Method (ATM).

  • Learn to engage the meridian system to achieve cellular resonance

  • Practical applications for bio-energetic resonance

  • Review theory, practical, resources, sources


$4500.00 CAD


You can choose to take the course without a device or with a device. You’ll learn to get results through the following tools:


  • Tapping

  • Electro acupressure pen

  • GSR device

All program attendee's will receive the following:
  • Full consecutive four day training in BER.

  • Fully comprehensive course reference manual.

  • Access to protocols and resources

  • Ongoing remote clinical assistance for 6 months.

  • Receive 20 % off Ergopathics test kits on first order.

  • Added to the BER practitioner group


565 Wilson Ave

North York, ON

New Course Dates: Coming Soon!

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