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In just three sessions the BER approach helped my stress and over all health have resulted in my allergies clearing up and my energy levels soaring like never before. My mood is great, I wake up feeling well rested and more balanced.

~ Dave Walsh


I want to share with you that I feel beautiful again; first time in along time! I finally understand how all these different forms of stress were impacting my health, even my skin. My face is amazing I have my whole world to thank you for. I cannot begin to tell you how much it affects my outlook on life for the better.

~ Kendra White


My son was 11 months old and his face and body were covered in eczema. He was on cortisone cream and it barley made a difference. In just three months my son has perfect, rash free skin. She made recommendations for skin creams, food lists and necessary nutracutical supports. I just couldn’t believe how simple the process was. I highly recommend this safe and gentle approach to help with eczema.

~ Susan Bining


When my daughter was six weeks old she started crying all of the time and we could not figure out what was wrong with her. The pediatrician told me the constant crying was normal and she may have reflux.  After BER sessions, she’s a different baby. The crying spells lessened and after a couple of appointments she was totally fine and I could go back to eating anything I wanted and not worry about it bothering her.  I am so thankful for this gentle approach. It has helped me in the past and now it’s helped my baby.


~ Tara Solinas

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