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Are you ready to increase profit and help your clients achieve optimal health?

If you've been looking for a cost effective yet powerful tool to take your practice and knowledge to the next level, then bioenergetic medicine training is the course for you.


The goal of this 3-day intensive clinical training is to help the practitioner understand all technical aspects of bio-energetic resonance, for the testing of resonance and dissonance of stressors, using manual bio-feedback, BER device and Ergopathics electromagnetic frequencies.


The BER device is a Canadian bio-resonance device that is excellent value to allow the practitioner to enter into the world of Bioresonance with minimal cost and maximum knowledge.


By completing this course you will...


  • Gain an overview of how energies can be optimized to increase health and well being for you and within your health practice

  • Gain a deeper understanding for the biological bases of muscle testing

  • Learn the valuable tool of energy testing: test yourself and clients

  • Learn how to surrogate test: physically impaired, infants, animals

  • Learn to identify stressors

  • Learn to test various substances

  • Lay out the ground work for consciously working with your own energies in order to achieve a healthier body, sharper mind, and more joyful spirit

  • Be specifically trained to use the BER device

  • Learn the specific meridian points used to create resonance

  • Learn the thyroid meridian points

  • Learn secondary balancing points

  • Learn additional acupressure end points

  • Learn Bio-feedback analysis

  • Learn muscle response testing

  • Learn Acupressure Tap Method (ATM)

  • Learn Trouble shooting testing stressors

  • Learn Procedures and protocols

  • Learn BER practical applications (theory/practical)

  • Learn Practical applications. Charts/Sources 


All program attendee's will receive the following:


  • Full consecutive 3-day training in BER

  • BER- device

  • Fully comprehensive course reference manual

  • Free access to copy for use on brochures, website, and other marketing materials

  • First-year membership fees covered

  • 10 % off Ergopathic frequencies

  • Free web page listing

  • Ongoing remote clinical assistance

  • BER covered under certain insurance plans

  • Marketing copy to use on a brochure

  • Join a group of dedicated practitioners with online community support

  • We provide a dynamic yearly symposium. Your first year is covered in your Module 1 costs.


NEXT COURSE:  April 5 - 7 2019


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