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Become a muscle testing genius

Is this the workshop for you?


This course explores practical applications for energy medicine, which can be utilized both for yourself and with clients in practice.

  • You’ll learn how to muscle test.

  • Test virtually any substance. Develop your innate ability to heal self.

  • Quickly and effectively identify food and environmental sensitivities.

  • Learn how to apply energy medicine in your daily life to improve family and personal health.

After this course...

You will gain an overview of how energies can be optimized to increase health
and well being for you and within your health practice.

You will gain a deeper understanding for the biological bases of muscle testing.

You will learn the valuable tool of energy testing: test yourself and clients.


You will learn how to surrogate test: physically impaired, infants, animals.

You will learn to identify stressors.

You will learn to test various substances.


You will learn to incorporate Ergopathics test kit vials


You'll be using vibrational points to create cellular resonance manually

You will have laid out the ground work for consciously working with your own energies
and in order to achieve a healthier body, sharper mind, and more joyful spirit.


What are you waiting for?
Come join a revolution in health!

1 day-course //  Total Cost: $350.00  (plus 13% HST)


North York ON

May  2021

Become a Bioenergetic Resonance Practitioner 


Bioenergetic Health is a company created by and for practitioners of bioenergetics. It is our goal to maintain a sense of exploration, freedom and collaboration to increase  knowledge and client care.

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