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The bioenergetic resonance training teaches how to achieve cellular resonance using electromagnetic frequencies and stimulation of the meridian system. It’s recommended to have an acupressure pen or GSR device for the course; however, it is not necessary for learning and tapping will be incorporated into the teachings.


You’ll be introduced to tapping in the course. We also have an online tapping course for anxiety and stress.


Electro acupressure pen

A cost-effective handheld tool used to send a gentle current into various meridian points.


GSR device

It’s a plated instrument which directs energetic current into various meridian points.




GSR device is an instrument which directs energetic current into various meridian points.


A gentle form of electrical current, similar to the body’s natural current, is applied to specific points on the skin. The instrument is designed to transmit the specific resonant frequency, or electronic signature through the meridian system.


This ultimately allows the organs and systems of the body to return to a state of optimal, balanced function.

What we like about the GSR


It’s a plated device, which allows for substances and frequencies to be placed on the device.


The plate allows for ease when treating patients.


We like that it allows for attachments like light pens, electrical current, additional plate


It’s easier to use on young children


  • Microcurrent output intensity control from 0 – 2000 micro-amperes (2 mA). Similar benefits to the Scenar and carries Scalar Waves


  • Frequency of microcurrent fixed at High (528 Hz) and Low (Alpha 12 Hz) levels


  • Allows for additional antennae attachment for radionics



The GSR can be purchased through Biosilver Stream and using code: BER

Use Code: BER

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